Audio Lecture on Voluntary Simplicity

Dear Simplicity Collective,

Just a short note to bring your attention to a free, audio lecture by leading ‘simple living’ advocate, Mark Burch, which is available for download here.

It is an insightful and eloquent overview of the idea of voluntary simplicity, particularly useful because of the thoughtful questions posed by members of audience at the end of the lecture, to which Mark responds. I warmly recommend this lecture as a very enjoyable and uplifting way to spend an hour one evening.

Thanks to Mark for advancing the cause.

In simplicity,
Samuel Alexander

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  1. […] Mark A. Burch, from the Simplicity Institute, has just been interviewed by Dr Randell Hardy about voluntary simplicity and mindfulness. The interview (38 mins long) is freely available online here. As always, Mark stands out as being an extremely eloquent and insightful advocate of simpler, more mindful living. It’s well worth a listen. (If you enjoy this interview, you might also like listening to one of Mark’s talks that he gave a couple of years ago, available here.) […]

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