Life after Growth (Short Film)

The economic crash of 2008 revealed not only the frailty and vulnerability of the economic system, it also showed the false basis that the growth economy is built upon. The prescription from mainstream economists is more growth – but is this just taking more of what ails us? Has growth become uneconomic? Is there another way?

There is, and the link below provides an inspiring introduction to it in the form of a short film. The film argues that through a voluntary reduction of our economic activity we can work less, consume less, and live happier, fuller, and greener lives. Many have been pointing out that our current economic system is leading us to an environmental and social catastrophe. “Life after Growth” begins to point to the people and communities who are looking for ways to do things differently. These are the pioneers who are rethinking the role of economics in our lives, and notions of of voluntary simplicity feature prominently. I highly recommend the film as an inspiring way to spend twenty minutes.

Life After Growth – Economics for Everyone from enmedia productions on Vimeo. (written, directed, shot, and edited by Leah Temper and Claudia Medina)

For the Melbourne members, and on a related noted, Tim Jackson, author of “Prosperity without Growth” is speaking in Carlton on Friday evening, from 5.30-7pm. For those interested, details below.

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  1. A Human says:

    That is a great short film, thoroughly recommend it.

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