Sustainable Living Festival 2010 – The Simplicity Collective Represents!

Hello everyone,

The Sustainable Living Festival is always an inspiring and energizing few days. It was great to be representing the Voluntary Simplicity Movement and it was great to have received so much support from the Melbourne public. More on the Festival below, but before saying anything further, as those signed up will be aware, I haven’t been updating this website recently. Instead, I’ve been sending emails direct, while the website is being redesigned. Though it’s been a while in the making, I am told the website is close to completion, so watch this space! When the new site is up and running, it should make it easier, first, to post new messages, and second, for all members of the Simplicity Collective to share their own ideas. Hope to hear from you soon…

Anyway, the over the last few days the Simplicity Collective had an exhibiton down at Federation Square as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. Well over 100 new members signed up. Welcome to you all! Thanks a million to those who were able to lend a hand handing our flyers and sitting at the table. Also, it was wonderful catching up with all those who were able to drop by and say hello. Great talking with you. Some of you asked for a transcript of the speech I made, entitled “Just Enough is Plenty: Thoreau’s Alternative Economics” so I’ll happily send that out in my next email – today or tomorrow.

As our Collective enters its second year, my hopes are as follows: (1) That the Collective continues to be a hub for simple livers in Melbourne and beyond; (2) That the Collective continues to be a source of information on simplicity and that we can share information among all those who are interested; (3) and that the Collective continues to develop into a social network.

On that final point, over the weekend and in recent emails, members of the Collective, new and old, have indicated to me that they would be interested in meeting up for a social gathering. I’ll get something organinzed and be in touch in coming weeks.

Ok, I’ll send out an email to you all soon. For those coming to the website for the first time and want to sign up, please send an email asking to be on the mailing list to

In simplicity,

Samuel Alexander


2 Responses to “Sustainable Living Festival 2010 – The Simplicity Collective Represents!”

  1. dylan prins says:

    nice. thought i’d drop by as ive got simliar principles behind a little blog ive got. you should link to those tunes you were handing out at the festival, keen to hear them..

  2. Paul says:

    It’s my first time to hear about this movement. I am happy to hear that many are eager and working for a more sustainable living. Good work!

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