The Great ‘Simple Living’ Survey

If you live a ‘simple’ lifestyle in one way or another, the Simplicity Institute needs your help!

The Simplicity Institute is an organization dedicated to research and policy analysis around the topic of simple living, downshifting, and similar lifestyles. This research is profoundly important as it touches the core of global problems such as climate change, over-consumption, work-life balance and a host of other social and ecological issues.

The Simplicity Institute’s current research project is focused on people who have chosen a ‘simpler’ lifestyle, including changes such as reduced or restrained income, consumption and/or working hours.

If this sounds like you, then you are part of the most promising social movement on the planet. Learning more about people like you is therefore extremely important, so if you can spare 4 minutes to answer some quick questions then please do!  As an added incentive, if you participate you’ll go into the draw to win a collection of the finest literature on the topic of ‘simple living’.

To learn more and help build a better future, click below:

The Great ‘Simple Living’ Survey

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“As the world enters into another long consumer boom, the Simplicity Institute is a beacon of hope. Its research into ‘post-consumerist’ lifestyles will help to provide the empirical foundation we need to transcend today’s culture and politics of ‘excess’. The Simplicity Institute recognizes the fundamental importance of consumption that can be sustained and what it means to live a balanced life.”

Clive Hamilton, author of GROWTH FETISH (2003) and co-author of AFFLUENZA: WHEN TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH (2005)

“We need more research centers of this type to help us find effective ways to escape the high-consumption lifestyle and create happier, healthier, and more sustainable cultures.”

– John de Graaf, co-author of AFFLUENZA: THE ALL-CONSUMING EPIDEMIC (2005) and Executive Director of “Take Back Your Time.”

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