Euterra Rising: The Last Utopia

Somewhere it is written: “When all appeals to reason fail, tell a story.”

Readers of this website will be familiar with the stimulating writings of Simplicity Institute Fellow, Mark A. Burch, whose earlier works include The Hidden Door: Mindful Sufficiency as an Alternative to Extinction and Stepping Lightly: Simplicity for People and Planet. Today I’m very happy to announce the publication of Mark’s latest book, which I highly recommend – an alluring work of utopian fiction called Euterra Rising: The Last Utopia.

Here is the blurb:


Euterra Rising is the story of a 23rd century culture rising from the ashes of the 21st century Ruination of consumer culture and the Great Forgetting that followed loss of the Internet. This is the story of the Euterran civilization from its emergence amidst crisis to the continuing challenges it must overcome as it navigates a future without fossil fuels or a stable climate. Euterra also faces threats posed by remnant groups such as the Brotherhood who still cling to the values of the past and who pursue them with ruthless desperation. When the Brotherhood discovers Euterra, two worldviews, two different value systems, and two societies collide.

The paperback is available here.
The Kindle version is available here.

You can find out more about Mark A. Burch and his writings here.


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