Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth (Film)

Growthbusters: Hooked on Growth is a film by the visionary filmmaker Dave Gardner that is currently in production. The film is questioning the growth imperative that lies at the heart of modern economic systems – the film’s trailer can be viewed here.

The Growthbusters team is currently on a fundraising campaign to pay for the final phase of production, and their current project is a soundtrack album to the film. All the songs (including one by Pete Seeger) are thoughtfully related to the many great social, environmental, economic, and political issues that we are facing today as a human community.

Proceeds from the sale of this album will help fund completion of the film. Every artist represented has contributed his/her work to this fundraiser on a non-profit basis.


1. GrowthBusters Theme – Jake Fader, featuring Carlos Jones

2. We’ll All Be A-Doubling – Pete Seeger

3. More – Nina Centaine

4. Zero – The Chairman, featuring Al Bartlett

5. Affluenza – Senses of Walden (Samuel Alexander and Andy Gibson)

6. Our Mother – Dawnya Clarine

7. Changes in the Wind – Jeanie Fitchen

8. Prophets of Doom – DackDyde

9. It’s Our World – Black Piranha

10. All the Little Birdies – Jake Fader, featuring Christine Fader

11. Horizon Fall – Nina Centaine

12. A Shadow Stirs – Samuel Alexander (featuring Katherine Copsey and Andy Gibson)

13. That Once There Were – Jeanie Fitchen

14. Lots of Stuff – Clifton & Bettye Ware

15. Aggie and Timmy – The Offhand Band

To help fund this extremely important film and get some great tunes along the way, please click here.

Here is an opportunity to vote with your money and help to mainstream a perspective that is desperately in need of more attention.


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  1. Nayara says:

    This is what happens when one tries to fill the void wiihtn with stuff. It is the yearning for the spiritual, the yearning for the connection to the divine that prompts us towards wholeness. And yes, that means following your heart towards the things that fulfill you rather than listening to mom and dad and doing the smart thing (the thing that brings with it the ability to buy lots of toys). Success isn’t necessarily what gives you the biggest bank account though it may be. It’s about growing into your true self, honoring the person you were meant to be, and honoring that in others as well.

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