My article in Adbusters

I’ve had second short piece published in the culture-jamming magazine Adbusters. I’ve posted a screen-shot of my article below and the full magazine can be purchased in pdf here or in print at good magazine stores. (My first Adbusters article is also available here).

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.33.41 am

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  1. Greg Southworth says:

    Interesting article. There is a political economist I rather like named Gar Alperovitz. He gives talks all over the country and often starts with the question: If you don’t like corporate capitalism and you don’t like state socialism, what do you want? He believes that question has caused many to start searching for alternatives. While this new “something” is still in its embryonic stages there are some emerging tendencies and each one could be a post all by themselves: decentralization of power to the local level, increased use of worker cooperatives and moving larger commercial enterprises to employee ownership, using local development entities to coordinate the local economy, including the commercial entities listed, to manage wealth distribution and ensure growth in those places it is needed, concern with making sure the natural environment is protected and reclaimed moving to a healthy steady-state ecological system, ending all forms of racial, ethnic, religious, gender issue, disability, etc. discrimination, and making large institutions (some are still necessary) accountable via making them public sector entities much like the Bank of North Dakota. Again, this new system does not easily fit into to old models, but I hope to some of it come into fruition in my lifetime.

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