Book Launch: Simple Living in History

In a few weeks I’ll be launching my new book, Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future, which I co-edited with Amanda McLeod. The book brings together 26 chapters, from different authors, discussing the most prominent individuals, cultures, and movements that have embraced forms of ‘simple living’ throughout history (see table of contents below). The book is being launched by Professor Tim Kasser, author of the The High Price of Materialism.

If you’re in Melbourne and free on the evening of Wednesday 24 September, 6-7.30pm, we’d love for you to join us at the University of Melbourne for the launch. Save the date.

RSVPs essential: please register here (there are limited spots)

If you can’t make the launch, copies of the book are available here. Please share the link with friends, family, facebook, twitter, etc. etc. Thanks!

Praise for Simple Living in History: Pioneers of the Deep Future

‘This engaging book raises one of the key questions of our times, presenting a rich tapestry of perspectives on what it means to live simply.’
ROB HOPKINS, The Transition Handbook

Simple Living in History challenges the mentality of waste and extravagance that defines modern industrial lifestyles, reminding us that the answers we need have been here all along, waiting for us to notice them.’
JOHN MICHAEL GREER, The Wealth of Nature and Green Wizardry

‘This book highlights the continuous cultural lineage that underpins current activism for an ecologically viable and spiritually nourishing life now and in the future. For permaculture practitioners and activists focused on building ecologically smart, localised economies, this book highlights how rethinking our attitudes and behaviour toward consumption can be a fruitful pathway to social and ecological harmony.’
DAVID HOLMGREN, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability



Preface by the Editors, Samuel Alexander and Amanda McLeod
FOREWORD by David Shi

1. BUDDHA – Peter Doran
2. DIOGENES – William Desmond
3. ARISTOTLE – Jerome Segal
4. EPICURUS – Michael Augustin
5. THE STOICS – Dirk Baltzly
6. JESUS – Simon Ussher
8. THE QUAKERS – Mark Burch
9. THE AMISH – Steven Nolt
10. HENRY THOREAU – Samuel Alexander
11. JOHN RUSKIN – David Craig
12. WILLIAM MORRIS – Sara Wills
13. GANDHI – Whitney Sanford
14. DITCHLING VILLAGE – William Fahey
15. THE AGRARIANS – Allan Carlson
16. THE NEARINGS – Amanda McLeod
17. IVAN ILLICH – Marius de Geus
18. JOHN SEYMOUR – Amanda McLeod
20. RADICAL HOMEMAKING – Shannon Hayes
22. PERMACULTURE – Albert Bates
23. TRANSITION TOWNS – Samuel Alexander and Esther Alloun
24. DEGROWTH – Serge Latouche
25. THE SIMPLER WAY – Ted Trainer
26. MINDFULNESS – Mark Burch

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