Unleashing Transition Coburg: From Oil Dependence to Local Resilience

Greetings all – especially those of you who might live in Coburg (Melbourne), or thereabouts. I’m guessing many of you have heard of Transition Initiatives, but for those who haven’t, the basic idea is this: it doesn’t look as if our governments are going to do anything significant with respect to peak oil or climate change, or the other problems we are facing, so we are going to have to build resilient, vibrant, post-carbon communities ourselves. Personal action alone can seem a little overwhelming. Our best bet is community action. This is where Transition Initiatives step in. It’s a fast growing movement of grassroots, community action, and its a model for change that is showing great promise. There are now over one thousand Transition Initiatives around the world. If you want to know more, do a quick Google search (or see websites below). There’s heaps of good information out there. I intend to write more on the subject soon.
Anyway, a small group of us have recently launched Transition Coburg and I was wondering if there are any Coburgians out there who’d like to get involved in one way or another? We’re focusing on relocalising food, promoting education on peak oil and climate change, building community, skill-sharing, and moving toward renewable energy and greater energy efficiency, etc. We’re ambitious, and it’s going to be a challenge, but we’re determined to have a good time as we make things happen. There’s lots of good stuff going on already, so the first step is to join the dots, and then build upon them.

If anyone is interested in signing up (you don’t need to be Coburgian), please subscribe to and let’s see what happens. It’s early days, but from little things big things grow. 

Here are a few websites on Transition:

Finally, my peak oil article in the newspaper recently prompted the 7pm Project to do a short segment on peak oil. They called me that morning and asked if I were available for the show, but as things turned out – much to my relief – they interviewed Bruce Robinson instead. I think it’s pretty exciting that peak oil got some attention on prime-time television, even though it was rather fleeting. That said, I think the segment did a pretty good job in the time available. It’s available for viewing here (5mins):  

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