Voluntary Simplicity, Degrowth, and Peak Oil

Over the last few years I’ve written a bunch of papers and articles focusing on voluntary simplicity, degrowth, and peak oil. With the new university semester fast approaching, my time available to write long papers is going to diminish, so I thought I’d list my publications to date, with links to most of the full working papers, excluding book chapters. (N.B. The working papers linked below appear in revised and/or abridged versions in the formal publications, sometimes with altered titles).

If you have any friends who might be interested in these ideas, please feel free to forward this page to them.


Academic Publications

Other Publications

  • Samuel Alexander, ‘Occupy Melbourne’ Arena Magazine #115 (2011) 16.
Policy Documents

Unpublished Manuscripts:

Websites and and

2 Responses to “Voluntary Simplicity, Degrowth, and Peak Oil”

  1. mischa says:

    wow sam! you’re prolific!

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  3. Kris says:

    Just finished Entropia. Wonderful! I can imagine myself in this community, I yearn to be there, but am in tears now, knowing that I am trapped in the current paradigm. I am inspired however to spend time in the nearby wilderness. Perhaps the scents of damp earth and leaf mold combined with the sounds of birds and running water will wash away some of my cynicism. Thank you.

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