Wurruk’an: Seeding a New Earth Story

Over the last two years I’ve been helping develop a ‘simpler way’ demonstration project in Gippsland, Victoria (Australia), on a property which we have named Wurruk’an. Wurruk is the local indigenous term meaning both ‘Earth’ and ‘story’. K’an is the Mayan word for ‘seed’. We’ve invented the word Wurruk’an to signify our attempt to ‘seed a new Earth story’.

At Wurruk’an we’ve built an earthship, a cob cabin, an earthbag hut, and a couple of tiny houses, and we’ve also erected a beautiful yurt, retrofitted an old shed with mostly reclaimed materials, as well as established large organic gardens, connected many water tanks, and experimented with various alternative technologies and systems. Furthermore, a growing network of individuals and communities are forming bonds as they pass through our woods and waters. We are also making a documentary which is intended to share what we are learning in the hope of reaching out to the broader community. Our aim is not to escape the system but to see if we can contribute to its positive transformation.

I have dedicated so much of my time to this project over the last two years because I believe one of the best ways to ignite social change is to show people an example of an alternative model of living and being that does not degrade the ecosystems upon which the entire community of life relies. One of the defining purposes of Wurruk’an is to expose people to a vision of a ‘simpler way’ to live, in the hope of challenging and inspiring them to help create a new world – a just and sustainable world – from within the shell of the old.

Although we have made extraordinary progress over the last two years, there is still much to do before the property can fulfil its potential as a ‘simpler way’ demonstration project. We are currently seeking financial assistance so we can fast-track this project and get it ready to accommodate visitors, school groups, university groups, conferences, workshops etc. as soon as possible. I would suggest that there is no better way to ‘vote with your money’ than to help us get this demonstration project up and running. As an initial start up fund, we need a minimum of $5000 for this project to get launched effectively. This will be directed toward establishing the necessary infrastructure, systems, and signage for making this an inspiring educational centre that demonstrates a deep green alternative to the dominant culture.

We will be running a crowd-funding campaign in the future but presently I am putting a call out for major sponsors. Can you help? Please be in touch by responding to this email/post or see my email address here.

You can learn more about Wurruk’an here and see many pictures here.

Photo credit: James Henderson.

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  1. John says:


    I listened to the video on the $420.00 house, and noted at the end about how a landowner is offering land in exchange for the home builders putting up infrastructure, gardening, etc. Until recently, my 87 year old Dad, has been a high producing and knowledgeable backyard gardener for years. He has grown up to 70 tomato plants, countless string-bean vines, unbelievably huge squash, and all types of herbs/roses, etc. Age is slowing him down, so the garden is diminishing. I am interested in helping him step up some kind work/product exchange program. That is someone who has an interest in backyard gardening could work in his yard, and get the benefit of his experience, and tools, in exchange for keeping say 70% of the harvest.(or some other type of arrangement) He lives in Rye, NY, (walking distance to train) so someone would need to live within train/car/walking distance. If you are interested, or know how I might go about finding someone interested, I’d be delighted to find out! Thanks!! John R.

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