My Interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge

As mentioned in recent posts, I’m currently co-producing a documentary called A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, and as part of our crowd-funding campaign, we’re releasing some of our full interviews with leading activists, educators, and thinkers, parts of which will eventually be used in the documentary.

Below you can view the full interview with the one and only Helena Norberg-Hodge, a global leader in the ‘localisation movement’ and producer of The Economics of Happiness. If you’d like more information on our documentary or are able to contribute a few dollars, please click here. Sharing the link is also appreciated.

3 Responses to “My Interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge”

  1. Jonathan Rutherford says:

    Great interview with Helena. Many profound and thought provoking comments. Love her insights on Ladakh. I do think she needs to do some marxism 101 though…


  2. Irene Purcell says:

    This is an astounding interview! I met Helena recently at Schumacher College in Dartington where Charles Eisenstein brought her into one of our session on a week-long intensive on his book ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hears Know is Possible’, but we only had such a short time with her.

    Here, the extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge, insight and understanding she has, coupled with the ability to articulate it in such an accessible way is tremendous! I am sharing this as much as I can on social media, asking outright for others I know to do the same, and dearly wish I could be of more use in the process of information-sharing and education on these matters that are of world-wide and urgent significance.

    I hope this documentary of yours is a great success. I will link up to it. Thank you for posting this full interview, it’s extraordinary.

  3. Irene Purcell says:

    Have now made my contribution to the fund for the making of your documentary and have shared that too on FB and Twitter. I love the work that you’re doing. Thank you.

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