The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan for Living More on Less

I’m pleased and excited to announce the launch of the latest initiative of the Simplicity Institute – The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan for Living More on Less.
The Simpler Way, created in collaboration with Ted Trainer, consists of a website and booklet which provide detailed practical advice on how to live a ‘simpler life’ of reduced and restrained consumption. More importantly, it invites readers to contribute their own thoughts, experiences, and practical tips, so that we can all share and expand upon our collective wisdom.
By now we all understand the importance of reducing resource and energy consumption and stepping more lightly on the planet. But figuring out exactly how to do this in a consumer society can be very challenging. The Simpler Way project is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive practice-based resource for facilitating this transition.
Please click on the link below and share your own insights with the growing simple living community around the world. Your contribution is vital.
Warm regards,
Samuel Alexander and Simon Ussher
Directors of the Simplicity Institute

6 Responses to “The Simpler Way: A Practical Action Plan for Living More on Less”

  1. Megan says:

    Thank you so much for the link to The Simpler Way. More great practical tips and inspiration!

  2. Taylor Maclaurin says:


    Just a comment: there are many who are attracted by the simple lifestyle who also try to pare down their web presence.

    To that end, I’ve started to use more and more text-based programs. There are still plenty of text-based browsers. The more “fancy” content on a page, the harder it is to read with those kinds of browsers.

    Moreover, I am sure many out there who are interested in the simple life do not have the fastest computers out there. For them, the more Flash, javascript, etc. on a page, the slower it would load.

    Could you keep this in mind when you put together websites? Many websites now have a “mobile” version that is less content-heavy. Perhaps you could have a “simple” version, which would strip away most of the extras.

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  4. Lee says:

    I enjoyed the whole paper, but I especially enjoyed reading Ted Trainer’s cost estimates for the simple life that he desires to live. I’ve often desire to read about what things other people do or do not want in their lives, and also their planned budgets. This was such a valuable and encouraging read to me. I desire to live a lifestyle very similar to the one that Mr. Trainer envisions.

  5. timothy says:

    live simply so others may simply live! im in :}

  6. Jeannie Straberjeanniesfraber says:

    Samuel Alexander and Simon Usher……I feel the need to be the old lady cheerleader here, after browsing your site and reading many articles provided…….keep up your VITAL work. You are reaching more people than you probably realize and planting soul, as well as wise/intellectual thought and ideas for all to contemplate!

    In Peace, Love and Good Health,

    Jeannie Straber

  7. Samuel Alexander says:

    Thank you Jeannie.

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