Ten Most Popular Posts of 2011

As the year draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the readers of this website for their support and contributions. Our community is now over 1,000 strong, and I’m very much looking forward to exploring voluntary simplicity, and all it entails, with you in 2012. Now, more than ever before, we need to be reimagining the good life beyond consumer culture. I have plans to relaunch the Simplicity Collective early in the new year, reflecting both a sharpening and a broadening of focus – details to come. But for now, I’d just like to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and list for you the Simplicity Collective posts of 2011 that proved to be the most popular (in terms of website hits).

1. Simplicity Institute Publishes Results of the Simple Living Survey (reporting on the largest empirical study of the Simplicity Movement ever undertaken)

2. Tunes for Transition (some Simplicity-related music for free download, with lyrics)

3. Deconstructing the Shed: Where I Live and What I Live For (my account of living in a self-constructed shed for two years and spending very little money)

4. The Voluntary Simplicity Movement: Reimagining the Good Life beyond Consumer Culture (my essay providing an overview of of the theory and practice of voluntary simplicity)

5. Peak Oil and the Twilight of Growth (an introduction to peak oil and its implications for economic growth)

6. Alternative Hedonism and the Pleasures of Simplicity (a short essay reminding us that living simply can be full of pleasure and joy)

7. Planned Economic Contraction: The Emerging Case for Degrowth (an essay outlining why limitless growth is not a sustainable economic policy on a finite planet)

8. Ignite (an Unspoken Address to the Occupiers) (my unspoken address to the Occupy movement)

9. Guerrilla Gardening: Things Are Getting Serious (reporting on one of the many guerrilla gardening excursions this year)

10. Just Enough is Plenty: Thoreau’s Alternative Economics (my extended essay and audio lecture on Henry David Thoreau and the simple life)

Feel free to forward this list to friends and family if you think others might be interested in these subjects.  



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  1. QB says:

    Thanks very much. I just found this Collective, and this list of links will be very helpful.

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