There’s No Tomorrow (Film)

Ignoring the rather gloomy title, I highly recommend this new educational video on peak oil and economic growth. It’s a very engaging summary of many of the issues related to peak oil and resource depletion, and it’s essentially a short (34mins) visual expression of my recent paper, “Peak Oil, Energy Descent, and the Fate of Consumerism,” which is available here.

To watch the video, click below.

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  1. Roy Hanfling says:

    I like it
    good clear logical development

    I’ve done what I can to share this
    But I don’t know many people with an attention span of 35 minutes
    any more

  2. Angie says:

    Yep Roy, that short attention span for anything (other than celebrity based drivel)is a bummer. Perhaps the fact that this film is whimsically animated will help attract and retain viewers.
    The thing that I adore is that the “Happy Ending” encourages us to essentially adopt the style of simpler living Samuel and co extol here. The credits note Rob Hopkin’s work, so here’s hoping it generates a heap more involvement in Transition Initiatives worldwide.
    On that point, I’m finding that where I’ve left comments introducing “Transition” on intellectual/academic type blogs posting about the challenges of peak oil, as well as climate and economic chaos, the authors in turn then refer people to the movement via subsequent comment threads.
    Perhaps we should have an organised effort to get the message out. Samuel, maybe you could get your readers to spruik(?)Transition wherever they read people expressing despair at the apparent hopelessness of it all, who could in turn do the same, and so on. Just a suggestion. You are a great advocate.
    Wiki has a handy starting reference on Transition, and from there people can search the web to locate, or commence, a local initiative.
    Sometimes it’s a matter of identifying pre-existing groups and pulling them together under a Transition banner. A number of people in my area are about to attempt this with our local LETS, food-swap, permaculture etc. groups, which should energise each group and increase public profile, and get local government really behind it. Yay, I reckon.
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