Radical Emissions Planning: Kevin Anderson

I’ve just watched these two clips below from Kevin Anderson, one of the most outspoken climate scientists on the scene today. As you will see, he does not shy away from radical implications of the numbers. Avoiding dangerous climate change, he concludes, requires degrowth in the wealthiest parts of the world, a conclusion other climate scientists (or any policy makers) have dared not acknowledge. But the numbers are clear. Anderson also makes the important point that, given how long it will take to transition to systems of renewable energy supply, the immediate challenge is to reduce energy demand. In other words, responding to climate change is not merely about transitioning to systems of renewable energy (necessary though that is). It also requires that we consume less energy. Readers of this website and the Simplicity Institute will be familiar with these lines of argument, but it is nice to have emerging support from brave climate scientists prepared to see the implications of their own work.

I think the messages delivered in these clips are extremely important, and I highly recommend readers take the time to watch both clips. I intend to write more on Anderson’s position when time permits, but for now, I’ll leave  you with the clips. (If you’d prefer a written summary, see here).

Kevin Anderson – The emissions case for a radical plan from tyndallcentre on Vimeo.

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