Residencies available at Wurruk’an ecovillage and permaculture farm (Victoria)

Wurruk’an is a small community of people living in West Gippsland, Victoria. For the last few years we have been trying to push the boundaries of environmental practice by exploring what it means to live in a deeply sustainable way. So far the community has built many demonstration “tiny houses” using a combination of reclaimed materials, cob, “Earthship style” rammed earth and super-adobe.

As well as constructing these small buildings, the group has retrofitted an old farm shed into a cosy living space, developed an ever-growing organic vegetable garden, hosted many working bees and workshops, experimented with low-energy alternatives and taken part in a documentary film entitled “A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity”. We are continually trying to create a space which challenges the layers of oppression and unsustainability built into our current society, and trying to demonstrate what a post-capitalist world might look like.

After the documentary process was complete, a few of our residents moved on to new projects in new places, so now we have two or three available residencies. More details on the application process below. We encourage applications from all demographics.

Life on the property involves taking part in community life, growing food, caring for our small flock of ducks and geese, sharing in the chores and gradually developing the property as a functional demonstration site. While we hope that you will join us in working collaboratively and doing things together, there will be ample time to spend on your own pursuits, be it paid work, bushwalking, using our humble woodworking space, crafting things, etc.

The property is 8 hectares, 5 of which are bushland. It is bordered by the regional train line and the nearest station is only 4 kilometres away, which takes you straight into Melbourne in just under 2 hours. For more information and photos, see our website here.

We are looking for a commitment of six months as a minimum, however shorter stays will also be considered. There is no rent to be paid. Food and utility bills are shared. We are seeking applications from kind, creative, passionate, and dedicated people who have the social skills to live in a community.

If this sounds like it’s for you, please email Liam (email below) with a short bio about yourself and why you are interested in applying (no more than 500 words please). After the applications are received, we will arrange for a visit so that short-listed applicants can meet all of the community members and get a glimpse of the land.

Applications close July 22nd.

Contact Liam:

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  1. Marietta Herni says:

    Sounds like a great place to live, good luck to you all!

  2. Letitia Howlett says:

    Just put in my introductory email. The vision of Wurruk’an inspires

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